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PINJ exists to provide coverage of the issues that directly affect our local communities and the people who live, work and go to school in them. Our journalists will strive to provide a particular focus on the inequities in our systems and attempt to give voice to those whose voices are not being heard and to shine light into systems that are currently opaque. Read our first series, Leveling the Playing Field, here.

We hope to be able to fill some of the gaps in local news coverage -- gaps created by shrinking news staffs at area media outlets that rely on advertising revenue with both longform and more immediate stories.  

PINJ is based on the BINJ Model, which exists to:

  • Provide a platform of support and mutual aid to existing community publications
  • Train up-and-coming journalists through immersive internships
  • Collaborate on reporting and civic-engagement initiatives
(Photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

Photos by Jake Mysliwczyk

(Photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

The PINJ team Brittany Hailer, Mary Niederberger, Jody Diperna, and Jake Mysliwczyk.


We have a small staff of freelance reporters, but plan to emphasize the importance of community-based storytelling. Our  nonprofit status allows PINJ to seek funding sources that enable us to investigate, research, and write stories and allows us to keep our independence. 


We plan to provide coverage of the City of Pittsburgh with long-term and long-form enterprise and investigative reporting.


PINJ is made possible by a partnership with our fiscal sponsor The Association of Alternative Newsmedia. 

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